Thursday, December 10, 2009

Darling I will have take away your credit cards

We will be paying Labour debts for years and years to come, but instead of looking at the nation they have blatantly politised it by spending more now in an attempt to cripple a future Conservative Government, in truth we the people should consign Labour to the history books at the next election but it wont happen there are still enough foolish people that believe that Labour stand up for them, they abandoned those people some time ago only they dont realize.

Darling is to carry on borrowing there is something Hattonish about this Government, in the way they are  trying to bankrupt the country, funny the ruling Labour group on Darlington Council are doing exactly the same for the good people of Darlo.

 A pattern emerges going back quite some time Labour take over financially healthy Nation then try to bankrupt it through nannying and social engineering.

Leaving the EU would help pay back the deficit.

Labour Candidate



This women has yet to get to grips with her council portfolio what use would she be as our MP, though i notice that the Echo has been fawning over her, is that Barrons own doing or has he been ordered to give her the column space she does not deserve speaking on issues outwith her own portfolio.

So from Milburns PA to Parliamentry Candidate, she has said already that she would not be seeking ministerial office, first dear you have to win and secondly so do your party, the smart money is on a change of Government so the "no ministerial" is an easy win and lets not forget that she is to put Darlington first is that the same as Sedgefield MP putting the post offices first and then voting to close them or the Milburn way of putting Darlington first and then never setting foot in the place after the "first" year he was elected.

One thing we can be sure of is that the Labour candidate is most definatley new labour, with her easy talk of no substance.


So Cllr John Williams will not apologise over the gas main debacle, what can i say but

"you arrogant arsehole"


At long last the climate change NAZIs have been caught out, proof positive that they have been cooking the books, that they have manipulated the data to suit there own ends and the politicians have and still are falling for it the idiots.

Now do not get me wrong i am all for sustainable energy because it is the sensible thing to do, if someone was to offer me a windmill free of charge for my house/garden/yard that could cover all my energy costs i would snap there hands off, we are world leaders in wave energy and we should be as we are an island, we should be looking to France for help in our use of nuclear they have a succesful nuclear industry, what i cant stand are the OCD buffoons who would have us taxed to the hilt, who would have us all vegetatrians and i assume slaughter all cows/pigs/sheep etc, well there is a place for all Gods cretures and that is next to the potatoes and gravy.

DONT LIE sell sustainability for what it is a sensible way forward and forget the doom mongering please.


Cameron, Cameron, Cameron, how very disappointed i was over your decision not to hold a referendum on Lisbon, the fact is the EU no longer benefits our country it has become a millstone arond our necks and here was a perfect oppotunity to get a clear mandate from the nation to sort it out, but I am afraid that youy bottled. 

No knee jerk reaction is required, this is due to in my opinion a groundswell of unrest whith where we are being taken, if DCs plan of repatriation does not work (I do not think it wiil) then this mass of opinion cannot be ignored, for now then we will have to see what happens.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Something for the weekend

I will be writing on Camerons disappointing EU policy next week when the dust settles a bit, but for now enjoy some scooby snacks.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We look after the feckless morons whilst the deserving suffer

It now appears obvious that in Britain today we have a class of people that do not take any consequences for their actions, that do not have to discharge any responsibility to society. Straight out of the “New labour” book of Social Engineering an under class of people created by New Labour that are dependent on the state to think and act for them.

We now have more lunatics in the guise of the Lib Dems, Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne he said;
"The NHS should prescribe heroin to more addicts as part of the effort to reduce drug-fuelled crime".
He added "Spending tax payers money supplying the deadly class A drug would make the policing the streets easier and help ease over-crowding in Britain's prisons".

Saying that giving Heroin to addicts is a success because the treatment is £15k and prison for the year would be £44k is ridiculous. If it is about saving money perhaps we could pay every criminal a sum of £40k to stay out of prison and to not commit any crimes the country would be making a saving of £4k per prisoner!!!! Justice comes at a price and punishments need to punish!!!!

These centres say that it is given to addicts in a controlled manner, these pictures from North Lodge Park tell a different story;

Surely it is time to support those with a real illness and had little choice not those who have made a conscience decision, let us remember nobody forced these people to take drugs they had a choice, a child with leukaemia did not, a women denied breast cancer drugs because they are too expensive or a member of the Armed Forces fighting for us and being injured did not have the same sort of choice, service personnel when joining up would know the risk admittedly and has the choice not to join the services, but in joining they give themselves to protect society, what do these drug addicts give back?

What about cure? Surely this must be the goal? Or has the treatment of drug & alcohol abuse become so lucrative that a cured patient is no longer a money earner.

We have mixed up our priorities, where the fight for cancer or looking after our injured armed service personnel has fallen to charities and the NHS help the feckless one has to ask if this is what Bevin had in mind?.

Silly Season let us hope it is at an end

Today Brown was forced into a U turn over funding for the TA's, in the world of stupid idea's to stop the TA's training and to cut the budget for them is right up there.

Brown and his people really have no idea the value these part time service men and women give to the Nation, that we as a nation are so much more dependent on them is reason enough to ring fence, no up the monies then ring fence it.

If you have to cut, cut benefits to the feckless cut drug programmes but whatever you do, do not cut monies to such worthy people.

The heart of the matter

Going back to the Pedestrian Heart, near on 4.5m overspend when you take everything into consideration; original overspend of £2.9m then add the £880k (£3.78m), and then the number of hours that the officers senior or otherwise of DBC have spent in trying to blame others for the farce, the overall cost to the council tax payers must be around £4.5million easy isnt it, as always the adding up of this figure and that number never seems to be done by officials, amazing what you can spin if you dont add it up.

But many moons ago I said it will not just be a simple case of mess ups and incompetence, it will be the ongoing maintenance costs and if you would want to know what I mean here are some photographs of the poor workmanship that has left us with a high maintenance bill.

Sinking and the corner piece coming away

   Completely out of alignment, how long has it been in place??

A prime example of the wrong materials for the works

Then to add to the embarrasment DBC buy an all singing all dancing if it was on X Factor it would win cleaner for the Town Centre cost 60, 90 120k perhaps more and guess what it doesn't work, so our wonderful new paved area looks like;


And This

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Something for the weekend

This week we go to the movies, Love Honor & Obey, great film.


Friday, October 23, 2009

You may not like it

You may not like it but that is democracy, the bbc were correct to give Griffen air time, it may be abhorrent to most of us but the public voted for them at the EU elections, they have two MEPs and as such get air time proportionate to the votes cast.

This is the crux of the matter if we want a democratic society then we must take the rough with the smooth, the Lib Dems want a PR system Labour may be on the cusp of giving it to them, but if this happens get used the BNP on the box.

I very much hope that the main parties will now remove there heads from there ignoble arses (where i assume they are looking for monies that require repayment to us) and start to listen to those they purport to represent.  If we are not to get burnt it needs robust policies from the main parties, take away the BNPs oxygen and you extinguish the need for them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

What a Pickles

We had a visitor today in Darlington, Party Chairman Eric Pickles no less popped in to see how another winnable Seat in the North East is getting on, not a bad turn out PPC Edward Leggard, numerous Cllrs and Local Council Candidates (yes we already have a good compliment of candidates ready for the fight in 2011)

I will of course report more when I know more.  I am travelling back from London but as I was sent some photographs I thought I would share the news straight away.

The first photo shows Conservative Group Leader and Eric, it looks like she is giving what for! and the second shows Eric with two of our many star Cllrs, namely Cllr Mrs The Darlington Tory and Cllr Gill Cartwright.

A right cock up

Darlington Borough Council just cannot be trusted with our money, the pedestrian heart, eastern bypass (that needs a good look at once the PH has been resolved).

For me the problem goes all the way back to the tender, who was it that went through the tenders and made the recomendation, they very obviously had no idea what they were doing.  Whilst the construction was ongoing who project managed it, they to obviously had no idea what they were doing (do you see a pattern?), simply put this is as much about incomptetnce as it is about mistakes, the buck has to stop somewhere and this is where DBC fall down, no one is prepared to take responsibility and that is not right.  They forget it is our monies that has been frittered away, will they pay at the ballot box, we can but hope.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not the post i wanted to post

I thought that i might do a bit of review of Monaco (which was bloody fantastic by the way) but this will have to wait.

When myself and Mrs The Darlington Tory arrived back on Monday in the post was a notification from Community services, stating that we had put our rubbish out on the wrong day, quite something from Monaco.

Also in the post was a letter stating section 46 of the environmental protection act 1990 asking us to note that this was "A Formal Notice", why would we have such a thing i wondered, on further investigation others in the locale also had these same notices.

It would appear that Darlington Borough Council through Community Services have criminalized the people of Northgate making it easier should anyone fall foul of the Environmental protection Act 1990, Section 46 to prosecute them.

So there you have it, servicing the community now means criminalization a whole community and being made guilty until proven innocent, though I do not expect this "stasi" type approach will counternance such a notion of "Innocence"

What I would like to know if it is only Northgate who have had these letters, or is it the intention of DBC to criminalize the whole Borough?

I do however expect a full apology from Cliff Brown and Ian Thompson.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Something for the weekend

So I thought reviving this it may be a good idea to have "Something for the Weekend" and to help you get there use "National Express"

Out of action, but not for long

The picture below shows the view I have to put up with here in Monaco for the next couple of days, a crying bloody shame, myself and the lovely Mrs The Darlington Tory have already walked the F1 course, drinks at Le Rasscasse as you do, very nice weather and a very deserved break for us.

See you soon!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hello I'm Back

Hello to all I am back and blogging and there's plenty to blog about so please read and enjoy.

A few bits and pieces i will be blogging on over the next few days/weeks.

The Conferences
Pedestrian Heart
New Labour debt, local & national
and a myriad of assorted other things.