Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The heart of the matter

Going back to the Pedestrian Heart, near on 4.5m overspend when you take everything into consideration; original overspend of £2.9m then add the £880k (£3.78m), and then the number of hours that the officers senior or otherwise of DBC have spent in trying to blame others for the farce, the overall cost to the council tax payers must be around £4.5million easy isnt it, as always the adding up of this figure and that number never seems to be done by officials, amazing what you can spin if you dont add it up.

But many moons ago I said it will not just be a simple case of mess ups and incompetence, it will be the ongoing maintenance costs and if you would want to know what I mean here are some photographs of the poor workmanship that has left us with a high maintenance bill.

Sinking and the corner piece coming away

   Completely out of alignment, how long has it been in place??

A prime example of the wrong materials for the works

Then to add to the embarrasment DBC buy an all singing all dancing if it was on X Factor it would win cleaner for the Town Centre cost 60, 90 120k perhaps more and guess what it doesn't work, so our wonderful new paved area looks like;


And This

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