Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Queens speech

For those of us that like a localist, freedom for the people type of governance today's Queens speech had some good offerings:

:: Opportunity for more schools to take up academy status. (I am looking at you EV)
:: Abolition of ID cards and National Identity Register. An absolute heinous piece of legislation should never have got this far.
:: Referendums on any future EU treaty. Does not go far enough but it is a start of a journey that will takes us (hopefully) to an "in/out" referendum.
:: Government to ''examine the case'' for a UK Sovereignty Bill to make clear that ultimate authority rests in the country.  See above
:: Legislation for fixed-term five-year parliaments, with a requirement for 55% Commons support to seek an earlier dissolution. No problem with fixed term but must remain 50% + 1
:: A referendum on the Alternative Vote for House of Commons elections. NO NO NO
:: Annual limit ''in the tens of thousands'' on non-EU migrants allowed to live and work in the UK.  Needs to be all Immigrants not just outside EU
:: Full strategic defence and security review.  The outcome MUST be to up the monies for our Armed services
:: New restrictions on the authorities' use of CCTV cameras and DNA data and a ban on the storage of internet and email records without good reason.  This is a really good thing councils have hidden behind legislation to  spy on Citizens 
:: Directly-elected individuals to hold the police to account. Another excellent piece of legislation to get trough, we can end the "job for the boys" culture of Cllrs spending more time protecting Chief Constables rather than making them answerable to the communities that they serve.  Chief Constables also need to understand that they serve communities not the Home Office statistics machine. 
:: Redrawing parliamentary constituency maps to reduce numbers of MPs and make seats a similar size.  Forget PR this is the way to get a fairer FPTP system and strong Government.
:: Power for voters to ''recall'' errant MPs with a petition signed by 10% of electors in a constituency.  About time
:: Proposals by the end of this year for a ''wholly or mainly elected'' Upper House of Parliament elected by proportional representation.  As long as I get to see Fatty Prescott get ennobled and become a fully paid up member of everything he claims to despise (the ultimate champagne socialist) then get kicked out, I can live with a fully elected Lords.
:: Simplification of benefits system to improve the incentive to work.  I would of preferred a harsher tone as in "loss of benefits for those who do not except work"
:: Relaxation of health and safely laws to allow ''commonsense policing''. If you will allow, A common sense piece of legislation
:: Stronger powers for police and councils to remove licences from problem pubs and clubs.  Sensible again a nod to local communities and their needs.
:: Cut in number of quangos and cost of bureaucracy.  HOORAH
:: Devolution of powers over planning and housing to local councils and communities, scrapping the Infrastructure Planning Commission.  Excellent
:: New rights for communities to take over state-run services. Innovative
:: Requirement for public bodies to publish salaries and expenses of senior officials online.  Everyone should see where there tax pounds are being spent, we have over the years overpaid for under achievers in Darlington
:: Residents' referendums on local issues - including the power to veto excessive council tax rises.  This is one of the best bits of the queens speech, putting power directly back into the hands of the people, brilliant.
:: Abolition of Home Information Packs.  Do I need to say anything about this, other than it was  stupid idea and rightly consigned to the bin.

All in all I thought a pretty good Queens Speech today, not far enough on some issues, too soft on others, but if the localist and returning of our liberties continue I for one will be happy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The New Tories

Now that Cllrs Mike Barker, Martin Swainston, Malcolm Dunstone et al are now Lib/CAMS I suppose it makes them Tory bitches.

I expect to see them vote with the Tories in Council a bit more often.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We can all stop the Fib-Dumbs have Darlington...............NOT!!

Utter tripe the Fib-Dumbs really are tosspots.

And they called Cameron arrogant

And talk about as changeable as the weather this in the space of a week;

It is of course all wishful thing on the part of the Fib-Dumbs, but it does show they cannot be trusted as they don't know arse from elbow.

Are Labour bothered

Tonight just two days before an election which decides the direction of our nation we have in Darlington the Council Leader (Labour) tucked up warm and cosy watching corrie or whatever soap is on this evening the questions have to be asked, have they given up? Are they Complacent? or is it that the candidate was foisted upon them and they want nothing to do with her.

Darlington must be well down the list of Tory Targets but it not unfeasible that we will win.

Like the national Government Labour in Darlington are spent, they have no ideas they just keep spending, at the moment we are up to 110 million in debt it is a pity our local elections are not until next year.

Monday, May 3, 2010

L is for Labour

remember this when you vote on 6th may.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bremner, always worth a second look

Always worth a second look, one line states "why Don't you like me" I have put some example below!

Labour have the best of Friends don't they!!