Thursday, December 10, 2009


At long last the climate change NAZIs have been caught out, proof positive that they have been cooking the books, that they have manipulated the data to suit there own ends and the politicians have and still are falling for it the idiots.

Now do not get me wrong i am all for sustainable energy because it is the sensible thing to do, if someone was to offer me a windmill free of charge for my house/garden/yard that could cover all my energy costs i would snap there hands off, we are world leaders in wave energy and we should be as we are an island, we should be looking to France for help in our use of nuclear they have a succesful nuclear industry, what i cant stand are the OCD buffoons who would have us taxed to the hilt, who would have us all vegetatrians and i assume slaughter all cows/pigs/sheep etc, well there is a place for all Gods cretures and that is next to the potatoes and gravy.

DONT LIE sell sustainability for what it is a sensible way forward and forget the doom mongering please.

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Anonymous said...

How can an educated person confuse "their" and "there"? In like manner why cannot he give himself the pronoun "I" instead of "i". It does not bode well for other standards.