Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Nation needed a Churchill, Instead we have a Chamberlain

                                                                                    Hattip, let fly the pigs of war

As the post title suggest we as a nation have been let down by Government, how many more times are we to see Cameron metaphorically "holding in his hand a piece of paper", the weapon of the appeaser.

Where is Clegg with his in/out manifesto promise, a sniff of power and that promise was soon forgotten.

41 MPs signed Bill Cash's amendment, here's a thought why don't those MPs resign the party whips set up as a group within Parliament, demand an in/out referendum, I am positive the Government would appease them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A little knowledge can be dangerous in the hands of the stupid

This nugget from Phil Wilson in Parliament on 21/12/10

The Hitachi trains are bimodal, which means that they can switch from diesel to electric and vice versa when the need arises. Southeastern operates such Hitachi high speed trains.

No Phil. SouthEastern does not.

The Javelins are not bi-modes, they are dual voltage allowing them to run under the wires and on third rail.

Furthermore he went on to say "Hitachi's investment would be the biggest investment in the north-east of England since Nissan back in the 1980s".

How soon they forget, what about the the small matter of Siemens' £1 billion silicon chip factory on Tyneside skipped his mind.

It was opened by HM the Queen in 1997 and closed two years later, with the loss of 1100 jobs, when the price of the DRAM chips it was set up to make dropped from $50 each to under $5.

If Hitachi (and I very much hope they) do come to the North East my one bit of advice would be get non union labour, if the RMT, UNITE or any other union get a foot hold the whole thing will crash.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just another little reminder

Just another little reminder as to why we are where we are today

Labour's Legacy

Labour took Britain to the brink of bankruptcy

Labour left Britain with the biggest deficit in its peacetime history and the biggest deficit in the developed world. At £155 billion, the budget deficit is the largest in our peacetime history and according to the IMF, the UK has the largest deficit of any G20 country in 2010.

Labour left Britain borrowing more than we spend on the NHS and Defence combined. The NHS England combined resource and capital budget for 2010-11 is £104.2 billion. The Defence combined resource and capital budget for 2010-11 is £46.1 billion - together this accounts for £150.3 billion of government spending.

National debt more than doubled under Labour. In May 1997, public sector net debt was £351 billion. By April 2010 it had more than doubled to £893 billion.

As a result, we are spending £120 million every day on debt interest alone. In 2010-11, debt interest payments will be £43.3 billion or £120 million per day.

Labour would have been spending more on debt interest than we are spending on defence or education. Labour's £67.2 billion debt interest bill for 2014-15 is bigger than the entire Education budget in 2010-11 (£57.6 billion) or the entire Defence budget in 2010-11 (£46.1 billion).

Remember that the Labour run Darlington Council copied its Government and now the Darlington taxpayer is lumbered with 106 million pounds of debt as well.

Overspend on the pedestrian Heart, a scheme no one but the Labour Councillors and Officers wanted.

Overspend on the Road to NoWhere & the compensation payouts due to incompetence.

Millions spent on Consultants.

In 2001 the wage bill for high earners in the Council £400,000 today over 3 million.

A time for change.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An idiots guide to the public sector

An idiots guide to the public sector, and how it only consumes wealth generated by the private sector

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fight for the Fishermen of the UK

Those of us collectively called eurpsceptics have said about eu waste for years, this waste though is obscene, how typically EU.