Thursday, December 10, 2009

Darling I will have take away your credit cards

We will be paying Labour debts for years and years to come, but instead of looking at the nation they have blatantly politised it by spending more now in an attempt to cripple a future Conservative Government, in truth we the people should consign Labour to the history books at the next election but it wont happen there are still enough foolish people that believe that Labour stand up for them, they abandoned those people some time ago only they dont realize.

Darling is to carry on borrowing there is something Hattonish about this Government, in the way they are  trying to bankrupt the country, funny the ruling Labour group on Darlington Council are doing exactly the same for the good people of Darlo.

 A pattern emerges going back quite some time Labour take over financially healthy Nation then try to bankrupt it through nannying and social engineering.

Leaving the EU would help pay back the deficit.

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