Friday, October 23, 2009

You may not like it

You may not like it but that is democracy, the bbc were correct to give Griffen air time, it may be abhorrent to most of us but the public voted for them at the EU elections, they have two MEPs and as such get air time proportionate to the votes cast.

This is the crux of the matter if we want a democratic society then we must take the rough with the smooth, the Lib Dems want a PR system Labour may be on the cusp of giving it to them, but if this happens get used the BNP on the box.

I very much hope that the main parties will now remove there heads from there ignoble arses (where i assume they are looking for monies that require repayment to us) and start to listen to those they purport to represent.  If we are not to get burnt it needs robust policies from the main parties, take away the BNPs oxygen and you extinguish the need for them.

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