Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We look after the feckless morons whilst the deserving suffer

It now appears obvious that in Britain today we have a class of people that do not take any consequences for their actions, that do not have to discharge any responsibility to society. Straight out of the “New labour” book of Social Engineering an under class of people created by New Labour that are dependent on the state to think and act for them.

We now have more lunatics in the guise of the Lib Dems, Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne he said;
"The NHS should prescribe heroin to more addicts as part of the effort to reduce drug-fuelled crime".
He added "Spending tax payers money supplying the deadly class A drug would make the policing the streets easier and help ease over-crowding in Britain's prisons".

Saying that giving Heroin to addicts is a success because the treatment is £15k and prison for the year would be £44k is ridiculous. If it is about saving money perhaps we could pay every criminal a sum of £40k to stay out of prison and to not commit any crimes the country would be making a saving of £4k per prisoner!!!! Justice comes at a price and punishments need to punish!!!!

These centres say that it is given to addicts in a controlled manner, these pictures from North Lodge Park tell a different story;

Surely it is time to support those with a real illness and had little choice not those who have made a conscience decision, let us remember nobody forced these people to take drugs they had a choice, a child with leukaemia did not, a women denied breast cancer drugs because they are too expensive or a member of the Armed Forces fighting for us and being injured did not have the same sort of choice, service personnel when joining up would know the risk admittedly and has the choice not to join the services, but in joining they give themselves to protect society, what do these drug addicts give back?

What about cure? Surely this must be the goal? Or has the treatment of drug & alcohol abuse become so lucrative that a cured patient is no longer a money earner.

We have mixed up our priorities, where the fight for cancer or looking after our injured armed service personnel has fallen to charities and the NHS help the feckless one has to ask if this is what Bevin had in mind?.

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