Thursday, December 10, 2009

Labour Candidate



This women has yet to get to grips with her council portfolio what use would she be as our MP, though i notice that the Echo has been fawning over her, is that Barrons own doing or has he been ordered to give her the column space she does not deserve speaking on issues outwith her own portfolio.

So from Milburns PA to Parliamentry Candidate, she has said already that she would not be seeking ministerial office, first dear you have to win and secondly so do your party, the smart money is on a change of Government so the "no ministerial" is an easy win and lets not forget that she is to put Darlington first is that the same as Sedgefield MP putting the post offices first and then voting to close them or the Milburn way of putting Darlington first and then never setting foot in the place after the "first" year he was elected.

One thing we can be sure of is that the Labour candidate is most definatley new labour, with her easy talk of no substance.

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