Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not the post i wanted to post

I thought that i might do a bit of review of Monaco (which was bloody fantastic by the way) but this will have to wait.

When myself and Mrs The Darlington Tory arrived back on Monday in the post was a notification from Community services, stating that we had put our rubbish out on the wrong day, quite something from Monaco.

Also in the post was a letter stating section 46 of the environmental protection act 1990 asking us to note that this was "A Formal Notice", why would we have such a thing i wondered, on further investigation others in the locale also had these same notices.

It would appear that Darlington Borough Council through Community Services have criminalized the people of Northgate making it easier should anyone fall foul of the Environmental protection Act 1990, Section 46 to prosecute them.

So there you have it, servicing the community now means criminalization a whole community and being made guilty until proven innocent, though I do not expect this "stasi" type approach will counternance such a notion of "Innocence"

What I would like to know if it is only Northgate who have had these letters, or is it the intention of DBC to criminalize the whole Borough?

I do however expect a full apology from Cliff Brown and Ian Thompson.

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