Friday, April 30, 2010

The Record in the North East


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The Debate

Last night I spent some time at Polam School for the Churches together debate for our Darlington Parliamentary Candidates, now this may seem a bit partisan but it was an outright win for Edward Legard - Conservative, Mike Barker in second for the Fib-Dumbs (they must have arses of leather, the amount of time they sit on the fence they should have splinters in not very nice places) and a very poor third was Labours Jenny Chapman.

I know our man won simply because Fred Lawton (Fib-Dumb)scored it as M Barker winning by a point and we all know how much the Fib-Dumbs exaggerate.  But it was a very enjoyable evening with a full hall and searching questions.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry my ARSE

Gordon Brown is a liar, he is not sorry only sorry he was caught.  This despicable little man showed his true colours today and what is more is those that try to defend and justify what he said are guilty of the exact same feeling toward us the people as brown himself.

The utter disdain that Mrs Duffy was treated to is truly awful, but rest assured Labour feel the same way about you, yes you lucky lucky people a vote for Labour is a vote for ignorance, lies and skullduggery.

Do not let this happen. On may 6th we have chance to rid the nation of this pigswill of a Government and the pigswill of its Minister and M.Ps for the good of the UK vote Conservative.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are they helping Labour?

Today here in sunny Darlington Labour candidate Jenny Chapman was making her way into the local radio station Star radio, nothing too odd in this other than no other candidate had been invited, my source tells me on enquiring she was there for something "after" the election, in what capacity I wonder, or are Star radio helping her out just like the Northern Echo and the Borough Council.

A council employee printed Business cards to hand out at an educational seminar run by the Council, has this person been charged have they been reprimanded?

And today in the Echo headed "Dirty Work for Candidate" where apparantly whilst out canvassing in the Park East area of the town she received complaints about litter.  She managed to get the charity Groundworks out and clear a vast area why when we have street scene which should have been contacted by cllrs,  but perhaps of more consequence than having DBC and the Northern Echo to help her campaign is the fact that this is a LIB/LAB pact that does not work as it has taken a parliamentry candidate to get the area cleaned up for the residents.

If they cannot work together locally for the good of the people what hope of them working together nationally.

Only the Conservatives are fighting to win and put our Country right, the lib-Dems and Labour are fighting to be the opposition and gain control in an underhanded way, do not let them do it.

The Fib-Dumbs in Darlington No 2

Mike Barkers latest leaflet has shown the Liberal-Democrats in their true light. Mike Barker has used phoney statistics putting the Liberal-Democrats ahead in the polls in Darlington but offers no source for the data. Why? Because he made it up perhaps?

He claims that voting Tory will mean that the schools that had been promised money by Labour now won’t receive that money, another fact that he has no evidence for. The real fact is that had that money ever really existed then the papers would have been signed before the election!

The truth is that Labour and the Liberal-Democrats are running campaigns based on the fact that they know they aren’t going to win the election. They are campaigns based on damage limitation for Labour and making hay while the Nick Clegg sun shines for the Liberal-Democrats but neither party has based their promises on truth.

The Conservatives have based their promises on truth because they know they will have to deliver them come 7 May.

If you want economic recovery, if you want job creation, if you want change and you can handle the truth then vote Conservative on 6 May.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Fib-Dumbs in Darlington No1

On receiving Lib-Dem candidate, Mike Barker’s election address I note that he will not have an outside job, I trust his shop will be on the market soon or perhaps he isn’t that confident of winning. Surely he would not employ a manager and remain a director thus emulating Alan Milburn?

He speaks eloquently about help for local business, yet cannot find a Darlington printer and goes to Eaglescliffe and worse still Oldham, neither a help to local business or particularly Green as another of his promises fall by the wayside.

He goes on to mention the “Old Parties” yet on the same leaflet describes the Lib-Dems as “stronger now than at any time since 1929”, hardly new politics then!

He says that the Tories will scrap schools building projects, but David Cameron has no plans to cancel schemes where contracts have already been signed. As a Town Councillor perhaps Mr Barker could inform us as to whether this was signed before the election was called, if not then the money could already be gone as well he knows or is it as I believe just another lie another scare tactic.

A vote for the Lib-Dems will raise your expectations with their easy talk only to let you down by their actions.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zanu Labour Lies

After David Cameron in last nights debate on sky bitch slapped Brown over blatant lies appearing on Labour candidates leaflets I wonder if Jenny Chapman will be going back to the printers to have them removed from hers.

Of course with her not being seen around, I wonder if she is still running?

Friday, April 23, 2010

A fine impression

Our Labour candidate is doing a great impression of her predecessor, as in like Milburn she is nowhere to be seen.

Is she aware that there is an election going on?

Why are her colleagues so quiet?

You should vote or this lot will make more virals

People have fought and died for us to have the vote, now, some have been prepared to go further.

Please remember to use your VOTE on May 6th