Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fib-Dumbs in Darlington No 2

Mike Barkers latest leaflet has shown the Liberal-Democrats in their true light. Mike Barker has used phoney statistics putting the Liberal-Democrats ahead in the polls in Darlington but offers no source for the data. Why? Because he made it up perhaps?

He claims that voting Tory will mean that the schools that had been promised money by Labour now won’t receive that money, another fact that he has no evidence for. The real fact is that had that money ever really existed then the papers would have been signed before the election!

The truth is that Labour and the Liberal-Democrats are running campaigns based on the fact that they know they aren’t going to win the election. They are campaigns based on damage limitation for Labour and making hay while the Nick Clegg sun shines for the Liberal-Democrats but neither party has based their promises on truth.

The Conservatives have based their promises on truth because they know they will have to deliver them come 7 May.

If you want economic recovery, if you want job creation, if you want change and you can handle the truth then vote Conservative on 6 May.

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