Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are they helping Labour?

Today here in sunny Darlington Labour candidate Jenny Chapman was making her way into the local radio station Star radio, nothing too odd in this other than no other candidate had been invited, my source tells me on enquiring she was there for something "after" the election, in what capacity I wonder, or are Star radio helping her out just like the Northern Echo and the Borough Council.

A council employee printed Business cards to hand out at an educational seminar run by the Council, has this person been charged have they been reprimanded?


And today in the Echo headed "Dirty Work for Candidate" where apparantly whilst out canvassing in the Park East area of the town she received complaints about litter.  She managed to get the charity Groundworks out and clear a vast area why when we have street scene which should have been contacted by cllrs,  but perhaps of more consequence than having DBC and the Northern Echo to help her campaign is the fact that this is a LIB/LAB pact that does not work as it has taken a parliamentry candidate to get the area cleaned up for the residents.

If they cannot work together locally for the good of the people what hope of them working together nationally.

Only the Conservatives are fighting to win and put our Country right, the lib-Dems and Labour are fighting to be the opposition and gain control in an underhanded way, do not let them do it.

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