Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's not quite true is it Jenny?

Having had the Labour Candidates leaflet through my door it appears the poor dear has got it all wrong, when Labour HQ said exaggerate claims, they meant expenses if she becomes MP not exaggerated claims on her leaflet you know things like;

  • Backing strict rules on on immigration - Labour have allowed the flood gates to be opened to socially engineer our Nation for votes.

  • Getting more people off benefits and work to beat anti-social behaviour - Labour have created an underclass of people who have no aspiration, they take no responsibility for there actions, this is directly attributable to this Government.

  • Helped COUNTLESS community projects - I think a number could be put to this spurious claim.

  • The best I have saved till last, I quote "I will fight tooth and nail to stop any government taking services and investment away from Darlington" - This obviously does not count for her friends on the council when at last months special budgetary council meeting (the Labour candidate also a Town Councillor conspicuous by her absence) the ruling Labour group decided that spending cuts and a staff redundancy plan was the chosen solution  to the current deficit.

    So if she is not prepared to fight at a local level how can she be trusted at a national level?

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